Comprehensive Delivery Services


Delivery Overview

At Krevel Supply, we understand that transporting landscaping and hardscaping supplies can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible delivery system designed to bring our top-quality products directly to you, regardless of quantity. Please note that our delivery fees are determined by your location.

Dump Truck Deliveries​

For smaller orders, our dump trucks are ready to serve. Capable of hauling approximately 5.5-6 tons or 8-9 yards/scoops of material, these vehicles are perfect for local deliveries. There are no delivery minimums  –  The exact capacity may vary based on the size and weight of the chosen product.

Tri-axle Deliveries​​

If you’re looking for bulk order deliveries, our tri-axle trucks provide the solution. These heavy-duty vehicles can handle large quantities of materials, ensuring your project keeps moving forward without interruption. As with our other delivery services, the price for tri-axle deliveries varies per location.

Palletized Item Deliveries​

For our range of hardscape products or wood pellets, we offer palletized item delivery. There’s no minimum quantity restriction for this service, making it ideal for orders of all sizes. Like our other options, the cost of palletized item delivery depends on your location.


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